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About us

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Hemodom was founded on September 21, 1988, as a business for crafting products for washing and degreasing in industry.
The firm developed its manufacturing program according to market demands and exclusively on its own. In the beginning, there were only about ten products which were mostly liquid and intended for beverage industry.

Special equipment and methods for manufacturing solid and liquid pastes were also developed.

By installing equipment for making powdery products we expanded our offer range to dairy and meat industry.
Also, by enlarging the manufacturing area, we have acquired the conditions to craft products for washing and disinfection in veterinary as well as in medicine.

Forming our own, well equipped laboratories, importing the ISO standard, as well as connecting with renowned institutes which now follow our production, we have done a lot to ehnance Hemodom’s reputation day by day. In order to offer a full array of hygiene maintaining products (professional cleaning tools, deso-barriers, automatic deso-stations, etc.), we have adopted strict food industry standards (HACCP, BRC, HALAL,...) and tend to follow the newest technologies.

And so we began cooperating with foreign companies: „VIKAN“ and „KITTNER“.

After cooperating with farms very closely, we came to the idea of importing special additives for stover. Thus we have, along with all of the existing tools, equipment and products for washing and disinfection, completed the product range when it comes to farms.
My spouse and two of my sons are working alongside with me in Hemodom. This structure of Hemodom shows what I, as the founder strived towards: A REAL FAMILY BUSINESS!

This orientation of Hemodom – a family business – is its own major characteristic.

A family company means that manufacturing products for washing and disinfection is our own choice and that our attitude towards our products’ quality, our business partners and all the resulting obligations is extremely responsible and fair. Only that kind of attitude enables the realisation of our slogan!



Hemodom, Ulica Ljiljana 9, Sremska Kamenica, Srbija
Email : hemodom@hemodom.co.rs   Tel : +381 - 21 - 463 - 151